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Dr. Dileep Punde
is an M.D. General Medicine at Punde Hospital, Mukhed. He specialises in snakebite management

Dr Dileep Punde is a Consultant Physician M.D. (General Medicine), Aurangabad. He is presently working in his own set-up at “Punde Hospital Mukhed” since 1997. Dr Punde has managed 7500 bite cases to date as well as trained 120 doctors about snake bite management.

Dr. Dileep Punde is an expert on snakebite... more»Dr. Dileep Punde is an expert on snakebite management and has been actively working in treatment of snakebite patients in rural Maharastra. Till date he has treated more than 4000 (four thousand) bite cases. «less
Dec 11, 2019
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