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Dr. Rakesh Sahay
How & when to start insulin- Dr. Rakesh Sahay
In this video, Dr. Rakesh Sahay, a renowne... more»In this video, Dr. Rakesh Sahay, a renowned diabetes expert speaks about insulin therapy for type 2 diabetes and points out three prototypical case scenarios of patients who need insulin therapy. He also explains the importance of preventing and managing hypoglycemia in these patients. «less

By Rakesh Sahay | Nov 30, 2021

Insulin therapy: How to change as per patient?- Dr Rakesh Sahay
In this video, Dr Rakesh Sahay, a renowned... more»In this video, Dr Rakesh Sahay, a renowned Endocrinologist speaks on the initiation of insulin therapy. He highlights the latest RSSDI-ESI recommendations for beginning insulin therapy, the various options to choose from, preferred ones as per patient's phase of life, and concomitant use with OADs. «less

By Rakesh Sahay | Oct 19, 2021

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