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Dr. V Ramasubramanian
MIP: Selection of a Suitable Antibiotic in the Era of Antimicrobial Resistance : Dr V Ramasubramanian
Watch Dr V Ramasubramanian describe the ca... more»Watch Dr V Ramasubramanian describe the case of a 30-year-old patient who had undergone a liver transplant and required empiric antibiotic treatment. Along with the role of prophylactic antibiotics, he also discusses combination therapy in MDROs. «less

By V Ramasubramanian | Nov 21, 2022

Dr. V Ramasubramanian breaks down the stag... more»Dr. V Ramasubramanian breaks down the stages of dengue and steps in diagnosis. He also compares clinical diagnosis and lab work by listing the pros and cons of each and helps us understand which one is better than the other. «less

By V Ramasubramanian | Aug 07, 2021

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