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[Demo] Wound care, Importance of Vaccination & Role of Antibiotics in Management of Rabies
Duration: 1 hrs
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Why you should take this eCME?

As is common knowledge, rabid warm-blooded animals are the source of the disease known as rabies. There is no way to tell if a patient has contracted rabies from a potentially rabid animal at the time of the bite. It's typical to not detect bite marks, and there is no cure for rabies once it has taken hold. Although a few people have managed to survive rabies, the illness usually results in death.

Therefore, it is essential to comprehend how to treat this potentially fatal illness.

What does this eCME cover?

This eCME is divided into 3 modules (15-20 mins per module), each presented in a video format

  • Module 1 helps in understanding the background of rabies, the significance of NRCP, Immediate wound management for rabies and also complications of wound healing in rabies. 

  • Module 2 covers surgical consultations and the management of rabies with the help of antibiotics. 

  • Module 3 elaborates on current scenarios of IG and vaccines for rabies. 

The modules can be taken at your own pace and can be spread across multiple sittings at your convenience. The course will be followed by an assessment quiz, designed for summarizing the learning outcomes. You will be awarded a course certificate on completion of the quiz.


Who should take this eCME?

Emergency Medicine Specialists, Critical care Specialists/ Intensivists, Consulting Physicians and General Practitioners.


What do you get on successful completion?

Upon successful completion of the assessment quiz, you will be able to download the certificate of completion endorsed by M3India, and also receive it on your registered email ID.

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Understanding practice essentials - Part 1
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Module 1 of 3

  • The module elaborates on the background of rabies disease
  • What is NRCP(National Rabies Control Programme)?
  • Discussion on immediate wound management: In hemodynamically unstable patients and children
  • Steps of management of bites
  • What are the concerns as regards wound healing?

Module Instructor

Dr Ashima Sharma


MD Anesthesiology and critical care, MRCEM

Professor, Emergency Medicine

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  • Will I earn credit points after completing the CME?

    The CMEs on M3 India may or may not carry CME credit points that are recognized by various State Medical Councils/  NMC. Number of CME credit points will be highlighted explicitly for the respective CME, wherever applicable.

  • When will I get a CME certificate?

    We provide certificates by prominent Medical Associations and Societies for majority of our CMEs. You will be able to download the certificate only after successfully completing a CME which will include completion of all modules and qualifying the assessment quiz with a minimum score. Please note that if MCI details in your profile are not verified, you will be asked to provide these details first and you will be able to download the certificate from the CME page once verification is complete.

  • What should I do if there is an error in my CME certificate?

    You can write to us via contact us and highlight the issues and we will have it resolved. Please ensure your profile details such as your name, registration details are correct as they are used in the certificate.

  • Will I get a hard copy of the certificate?

    We only provide a digital certificate which you can download anytime after completing the CME modules and assessment quiz from the CME page directly.

  • Are there any timelines within which I must complete the CME?

    There are no timelines. Doctors can finish a CME anytime as per their convenience.

  • If there any fee for completing CMEs?

    All CMEs are free for Doctors and you do not have to pay any fee for taking a CME.

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Disclaimer: M3India hereby declares that this eCME is not a recognized medical qualification, under Section 11(1) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. M3India is not a Medical College or University, and this eCME is not in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Medical Council Act / University Grants Commission Act. Please note that this eCME is prepared with the objective of enhancing skills of practicing Doctors and the recommendations contained in this eCME are not intended to serve as a substitute for clinical training, experience, or judgment. Participants are strongly advised to refrain from interpreting it as setting a standard of care or deem it inclusive of all proper methods of care nor exclusive of other methods of care. Neither M3 India, nor its partners including the faculty involved assume any liability or responsibility for errors or omission in reporting or explanation. Application of the information in a particular situation remains the professional responsibility of the Doctor that should be made considering the patient’s individual circumstances and in consultation with the patient.

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