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Union Budget gives major emphasis on increasing Ayush services, scientific research

IANS Feb 03, 2023

The integration of the Ayush system in the National Health ecosystem has got a major boost in the Budget 2023-24 presented by the Finance Minister on Feb 1.

The total allocation to the Ayush Ministry has increased by 20 per cent to Rs 3,647 crore. The budget has also emphasised promoting evidence-based research in Ayush systems through Ayush research councils.

"The budget allocation to centrally-sponsored National Ayush Mission (NAM) has got a 50 per cent increase from Rs 800 crore to Rs 1200 crore. The NAM is majorly focused on providing cost-effective Ayush services with universal access through the up-gradation of Ayush Hospitals and Dispensaries, comprehensive primary health care through upgrading health care facilities such as Health & Wellness Centers (HWC), and co-location of Ayush facilities at PHCs, CHCs & DHs," said Ayush Ministry in a statement.

The NAM also supports the cultivation of medical plants, production of quality and standardised ingredients for the supply of Ayush, integration of medicinal plants in farming systems and increasing export of value-added items of medicinal plants.

All the states (Rs 920 crore), union territories (Rs 96 crore) and north-eastern areas (Rs 231 crore) have also witnessed an increase in grants-in-aid i.e from Rs 861.97 crore to Rs 1,246.73 crore, said the ministry.

The ministry said: "The budget considers the strength of the traditional Indian system of medicine. Other Ayush systems like homoeopathy, unani, siddha, naturopathy and sowa rigpa need to be promoted through enhancing education facilities and community outreach."

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