Kid with burn injuries dies as doctor asks family to arrange ventilator themselves

PTI Feb 11, 2019

A doctor at a government hospital here was suspended on February 10 after a video, where she is purportedly seen asking the parents of a child with burn injuries to arrange a ventilator themselves, went viral.

The one-and-half-year-old girl, died at Bundelkhand Medical College Hospital on February 8. After the video went viral, Dr. Jyoti Raut was suspended for negligence by divisional commissioner Manohar Dubey, a government spokesperson said. The girl's father, told the media that she suffered burn injuries on February 8 morning after falling into a pot of boiling water.

She was taken to Bundelkhand Medical College where the doctors said she had suffered 70 per cent burn injuries. Her condition began to deteriorate in the afternoon, he said, alleging that no doctor was present in the ward then. Dr. Raut came to the ward after some time and told him that the child needed to be put on a ventilator, but the Burns Department of the hospital did not have one, the father said.

When the family insisted that a ventilator should be arranged somehow, the doctor allegedly asked them to get one themselves, saying "it costs Rs. 1 crore". The girl died in the evening. The alleged conversation was captured by someone on a mobile phone and circulated on social media.

College's dean Dr. G S Patel said on February 10 that a ventilator was available in the ICU where the patient could have been shifted. "We are conducting an inquiy. I was out of town. I am not aware of what transpired between patient's family and the doctor," he said. Madhya Pradesh government's Public Relations Department said a committee headed by Sagar's additional commissioner Virendra Singh Rawat has been set up for inquiry and the doctor has been suspended.

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