Aster Hospital doctors prove that not all liver failure patients need transplants

The Hans India Oct 27, 2018

Doctors from Aster CMI Hospital, Bangaluru have successfully treated two liver disease patients who had been referred for transplants with unique treatment methods. 

One of the patients was an 8-year old girl who came with classic symptoms of liver failure- abdominal swelling due to fluid accumulation, jaundice and coagulopathy. The doctors from the Integrated Liver Care (ILC) team carried out some tests and found the patient to be suffering from Wilson's disease, where a patient could be treated with medication rather than having a transplant. They did a trans-jugular liver biopsy on the patient, who has now recovered and leading a normal life. 

They also treated a 13-year old girl who came to the hospital for a transplant presented with jaundice and acute liver failure. Her assessment and biopsy revealed that she was indeed suffering from an auto-immune disease. The doctors started her on medical therapy and she has been recovering quite well. Although, her liver has been chronically damaged, and she may need a transplant in the future, the doctors have been able to delay it for now until she completes her pubertal growth. 


Information for the article was sourced from The Hans India. Find the original article by clicking here.

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