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CK Birla Hospitals enable first cadaver donation for road accident victim

UNI Oct 03, 2018

A 49-year-old resident of Baruipur who was pronounced brain-dead earlier in the day by a team of doctors at CK Birla Hospitals -CMRI, would be all set to donate his organs after his wife gave a nod.

A number of people will get a new lease of life from this donation. Due to a road accident, he was admitted to CMRI and underwent a neurosurgery. After 4 days he was declared brain dead. Showing great courage, the donor’s wife decided to let her husband’s legacy live on through this donation.

She was present at the hospital premises along with her 9-year-old daughter, during the retrieval procedure that had set an example of greatness. No gift could have been greater than this. CK Birla Hospitals in collaboration with ROTTO helped in assisting and enabling this donation. On Gandhi Jayanti, this gift of life has empowered the hospital to build partnerships and break down barriers to work collectively towards the noble goal of organ

Speaking on the occasion, Uttam Bose, Group CEO- CK Birla Hospitals, said “We really appreciate the courage and generosity of the donor and his family. In a country like India where shortage of organ causes patients to die regularly while on the waiting list, even a single donation makes a massive difference.'

"The donor’s wife has played a crucial role in reaching this milestone even during such a tragic time. We thank her whole heartedly for this extremely compassionate act. CK Birla Hospitals is proud to be part of this selfless donation and we will continue to build on this momentum,” he added. CK Birla Hospitals will continue to support the nationwide united effort for organ donation drive by closely working with the government, social service bodies and other hospitals.

It has carefully designed its organ transplant programmes to promote awareness, public education and training among the community. CK Birla Hospitals have geared up their cutting-edge innovation and expert team of doctors to provide the best facilities for the patients. 

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