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Reusable upto 80 washes, Coimbatore-based textile manufacturing company develops PPE coveralls

ANI Jun 29, 2020

A Coimbatore-based textile manufacturing company has claimed that they have developed personal protective equipment (PPE) coveralls which are reusable up to 80 washes.

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Speaking to ANI, the company's Managing Director said, "It has the ability to recharge chlorine in fabric for nearly 80 washes. It has antimicrobial certification from SITRA." "Disinfecting properties of chlorine is built in our fabric and is active on its surface for two weeks. On washing, chlorine is absorbed again by fabric giving it antimicrobial facility. Property available in the fabric in first wash is available even after 80 wash," he added.

The PPE kits which are presently being used for COVID-19 treatment in the area are not reusable and can be used only for one day. The used PPE should be destroyed using Incinerator daily and in many cases the used PPE kits are thrown away into garbage vans, which is a serious concern. To combat this, the textile manufacturer says he has come up with this unique reusable PPE coveralls which can give protection to the medical staff. "This technology binds chlorine with the fabric and kills 99.5 percent of many common bacteria and virus. We have the capacity of producing 15,000 meters of these anti-viral fabrics," he said. 


Disclaimer: Image used is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent a true or accurate depiction of the news report.

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