ECG Pen for monitoring cardiovascular activity from home

PTI Dec 14, 2019

Dr Trust, a home health-tech space brand, on 13th December said it has launched ECG Pen which will help patients monitor their cardiovascular activities from home and share it with physicians, thus facilitating timely medical intervention in urgent situations.

The device enables detection of common aberrations in cardiovascular rhythm like atrial fibrillation and even third-degree heart blocks which can remain clinically silent for years, Saurabh Goyal, Executive Director of Nureca Pvt Ltd, which owns the Dr Trust brand, said in a statement. "We are driving the case for far-reaching adoption of effective and affordable cardiovascular telemedicine solutions powered by the advantages of Internet of Things (IoT) through our Dr Trust ECG Pen home monitoring device," he further said.

"Powered by a patented sensor technology, Dr Trust ECG Pen can connect cardiovascular surveillance from home settings to physicians for continued and comprehensive care, thus facilitating timely medical intervention in urgent situations," he said. Explaining how Dr Trust ECG Pen leverages telemedicine and IoT, Goyal said, "Dr Trust ECG Pen can help identify cardiovascular disease with high precision in real time, thus saving thousands of precious lives. It enables patients to track their readings on the smart phone and share them with their doctor, along with live ECG reports, anytime from anywhere."

A major factor behind the high mortality rate due to heart ailments in India is the delay in seeking medical attention after the onset of complications like chest pain, which could well be a sign of a heart attack, he added. "Recognised by the US FDA as equally accurate as a 12-lead clinical ECG, this handy device is powered by a patented technology which is clinically validated for delivering accurate results every time. It monitors a number of heart conditions like irregular heartbeat and irregular heart rate simultaneously and gives a glimpse of all electrical activities in simply 30 seconds," he further said.

Dr Trust ECG PEN can store data of the past 36 measurements in Android and iOS-compatible app, which can be used for periodical analysis and convenient diagnosis. Unlike traditional medical-grade ECG, which can only be conducted and analysed by qualified medical personnel that involves attaching 3-10 electrodes at specific points of the body skin, the one-button-push Dr Trust ECG Pen does not require patches, wires and other attachments, thus making ECG monitoring, data storage and analysis hassle-free with its automated operation process, Goyal said.

Nureca has a pan-India network of 450 distributors and its products are also available on various e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, as well as its own e-commerce store, Goyal added.


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