Doctor loses Rs 1.3 lakh in fraud, cops recover Rs 1.1 lakh

PTI Dec 13, 2019

A 45-year-old woman doctor lost a sum of Rs 1,30,000 to cyber fraudsters, but managed to get back Rs 1,10,000 thanks to quick intervention by the police.

According to a police official, the doctor, Lopa Chetan Dave, a resident of suburban Vile Parle, was cheated of Rs 1,30,000 by online fraudsters after she got an SMS on her mobile phone in which she was asked to share Know Your Customer (KYC) details on December 2. After sharing some information with fraudsters, she started getting SMS alerts on her phone informing her about money being debited from her bank account, he said. Dave immediately approached her bank to get her ATM card blocked and then lodged a complaint with the Vile Parle police station.

Investigation officer in the case Shriram Ghodake, collected the victim's transaction ID and blocked further payment from her account. Over a period of time, the police also managed to recover Rs 1,10,000 withdrawn fraudulently from the doctor's account by cyber conmen, he said. Dave praised the police for their quick action and expressed gratitude for recovery of most of her lost money. "Police did a great work to resolve my cyber fraud case within 10 days and recover majority of my money," she said.

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