NCW issues notice to Delhi medical college for setting dress code for girls

PTI Sep 18, 2019

The National Commission for Women on September 17 issued a show cause notice to a medical college in the city for reportedly setting a dress code within the hostel and campus for girls pursuing MBBS, asking authorities to explain their stand on the "sexist" rules.

According to a media report, Bara Hindu Rao Hospital has issued guidelines to girls, asking them to adhere to a dress code and maintain decorum in the hostel and college campus as it is inside the residential complex of hospital employees. In the notice, the college said "any kind of high-risk behaviour on the part of MBBS students who are living in the hostels will lead to issue of warning and expulsion from hostels".

The NCW said it has taken a strong objection to this "diktat" and issued a show cause notice to the college. "Taking suo-motu cognizance of media reports regarding moral policing rules in the hostel, the Commission has asked the college authorities to explain their stand on the sexist rules and what do they mean by tech phrase 'highrisk behaviour'," it said.

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