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Lifestyle factors and Parkinson disease risk: Korean nationwide cohort study with repeated health screening data

Neurology Feb 10, 2022

Findings demonstrate a relationship between lifestyle factors and Parkinson disease (PD) development.

  • In this nationwide population-based cohort study of Koreans who underwent health screening ≥3 times between 2002 and 2015 and followed up until December 31, 2015, researchers assessed the association of repeatedly measured lifestyle factors with PD risk.

  • Development of PD in 2,665 patients was revealed by the 14-year follow-up.

  • Only in males, there was a dose–response inverse association between smoking and PD (ex-smoker, odds ratio [OR] 0.782; current smoker, OR 0.556).

  • In both genders, alcohol intake and regular physical activity were found to be associated with decreased PD development.

  • However, alcohol intake in males (≤3 per week, OR 0.717; ≥4 per week, OR 0.745) and physical activity in females (moderate, OR 0.792; vigorous, OR 0.830) showed more consistent links with PD development than those of the other gender.

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