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Impulsive personality traits mediate the relationship between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms and psychiatric comorbidity among patients with severe alcohol use disorder

Journal of Dual Diagnosis Aug 02, 2021

Brandt L, Levin F, Kraigher D, et al. - For developing alcohol use disorder (AUD), an established risk factor is attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and additional psychiatric diagnoses are observed in correlation with AUD-ADHD comorbidity. Impulsivity is suggested by several lines of evidence to have a role as a pathway of these relationships; however, it is not a unitary construct. Hence, an investigation was performed to determine if explanation of the relationship between ADHD symptoms and psychiatric comorbidity among inpatients (N = 136) with AUD involve separate aspects of impulsivity. Positive screening results were observed for 19% of patients in the retrospective assessment of childhood ADHD, and 17% for adult ADHD. Per findings, among patients with severe AUD, the relationship between ADHD symptoms (particularly those in childhood) and psychiatric comorbidity appear to involve the subcomponents of impulsivity to react rashly when experiencing negative emotions and the tendency to not persist in activities.

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