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Habitual preoperative dietary fiber intake and complications after colorectal cancer surgery

JAMA Sep 13, 2021

Kok DE, Arron MNN, Huibregtse T, et al. - This cohort study demonstrated a lower risk of postoperative complications in relation to higher habitual dietary fiber intake before surgery among patients with colorectal cancer.

  • Patients with stage I to IV colorectal cancer (n = 1399) who had elective abdominal surgery were included.

  • A 204-item food frequency questionnaire was applied to evaluate habitual dietary fiber intake.

  • Occurrence of any complications and surgical complications in 397 patients (28%) and 235 patients (17%), respectively, was reported.

  • A lower risk of any complications (odds ratio [OR], 0.75) and surgical complications (OR, 0.76) was observed in relation to higher dietary fiber intake (per 10 g per day), whereas no link with anastomotic leakage was identified (OR, 0.97).

  • A link of higher dietary intake with any complications (OR, 0.64) was evident in females, whereas no association was found among males (OR, 0.79).

  • Fiber consumption from vegetables (per 1 g per day) was inversely related to any (OR, 0.90) and surgical (OR, 0.87) complications.

  • Improving preoperative dietary fiber consumption may be considered in future prehabilitation programs for colorectal cancer patients receiving surgery.

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