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Comparing the standard surgical dressing with dehydrated amnion and platelet- derived growth factor dressings in the healing rate of diabetic foot ulcer: A randomized clinical trial

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice Feb 12, 2022

In patients having diabetic foot ulcers, a better-improved healing results from dehydrated amnion dressing than platelet-derived growth factor dressing and surgical debridement.

  • This is a multi-arm parallel-group randomized trial including 243 patients with a minimum 4-week medical history of diabetic foot ulcers with Wagner’s grades 1 and 2, no infection, and adequate tissue blood flow.

  • They were randomized to one of three 81-person groups: surgical debridement (the standard method), dehydrated amnion dressing, or platelet-derived growth factor dressing; and were followed up for 12 weeks.

  • Regarding the type of ulcer, the area of ulcer, Wagner’s grade, the period, and the ulcer’s size, all three study groups were comparable.

  • In the surgical debridement, platelet-derived growth factor, and dehydrated amnion groups, the percentage area reduction was noted to be 7.4%, 14.8%, and 49.3% in week 4; 20.1%, 35.8%, and 79% in week 6; 43.7%, 56.8%, 86.4% in week 8; and 50%, 61.7%, and 87.6% in weeks 10 and 12, respectively.

  • The noted differences remained statistically significant over the entire period.

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