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Clustering of comorbidities and associated outcomes in people with osteoarthritis: A UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink study

Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Feb 04, 2022

Researchers assessed the clusters of chronic conditions existing in patients with osteoarthritis and the related risk factors and health outcomes. They found five clusters, of which cardiovascular (CV)-musculoskeletal (CV-MSK), CV, and musculoskeletal-mental health (MSK-MH) were more common in OA, and higher health utilization was seen in CV-MSK cluster.

  • Using Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) GOLD, a total of 221,807 individuals diagnosed with incident osteoarthritis were selected, and age (+2 years), gender, and practice matched controls (no osteoarthritis, n=221,807) were recruited from UK primary care.

  • Conditions largely grouped around five clusters in both populations: relatively healthy; CV, MSK-MH, CV-MSK and metabolic (MB).

  • In the osteoarthritis group, vs the relatively healthy cluster, strong links were observed for: (1) age with all clusters; (2) women with the MB cluster (odds ratio, OR: 5.55); (3) obesity with the CV-MSK (OR 2.11) and CV clusters (OR 2.03).

  • In the osteoarthritis group, the CV-MSK cluster was found to have the highest number of general practice consultations and hospitalizations, and the death risk was 2.45 times higher than the relatively healthy cluster.

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