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Anxiety predicts impulsive-compulsive behaviors in Parkinson's disease: Clinical relevance and theoretical implications

Journal of Psychiatric Research Feb 02, 2022

Symptoms of anxiety, depression and apathy are often present in patients with Parkinson's Disease (PD). Recent studies have associated these negative affect manifestations with the presence of impulsive compulsive behaviors (ICBs). Researchers herein examined how these symptoms are related with the use of dopamine replacement therapy (DRT), a renewed risk factor for ICBs.

  • Data collected from 417 PD patients were analyzed: 50 patients with Parkinsonian symptoms but with scans without evidence of dopaminergic deficit (SWEDD), and 185 healthy controls.

  • Results confirm the presence of higher level of anxiety symptoms in patients with Parkinson's Disease with- and- without dopaminergic deficits when compared with healthy controls.

  • There appeared a significant predictive value of anxiety (STAI-Y total score) for impulsive-compulsive behavior in patients with Parkinson's Disease without dopaminergic deficits.

  • Researchers suggest anxiety management as a valuable prevention strategy for the development of impulsive-compulsive behavior in Parkinson's Disease.

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