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Alcohol demand as a predictor of drinking behavior in the natural environment

Addiction Feb 08, 2022

Researchers conducted an observational study with the aim to determine if drinking occurrence, drinking continuation, and drinking quantity could be predicted via assessing moment-to-moment fluctuations in alcohol demand in individuals’ natural drinking environments.

  • A total of 89 young adults (56% female; M age = 24.8) participated and described 14.5 drinking days (SD = 8.1) and 4.1 drinks per occasion (SD = 2.5) during ecological momentary assessment (EMA).

  • The Alcohol Purchase Task was completed by the participants at baseline.

  • Thereafter, data were retrieved from participants on their alcohol demand (breakpoint, Omax, intensity) and drinking behavior during EMA at daily, timed prompts from 6:00pm to 2:00am.

  • Analyses revealed an association of alcohol demand with both when and how much individuals drink in their natural drinking environments.

  • An association of elevations in alcohol demand was observed with raised likelihood of drinking and continuing to drink, and greater total alcohol consumption, both within and across drinking days.

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