Association of the trauma of hospitalization with 30-day readmission or Emergency Department visit

JAMA Jan 12, 2019

Rawal S, et al. – In this study, researchers characterized the trauma of hospitalization by measuring patient-reported disturbances in sleep, mobility, nutrition, and mood among inpatients. Further, they investigated the association between these disturbances and the risk of unplanned return to hospital after discharge. In this cohort study of 207 medical inpatients, 75 (36.2%) reported sleep disturbance, 162 (78.3%) reported mobility disturbance, 114 (55.1%) reported nutrition disturbance, and 48 (23.2%) reported mood disturbance. A disturbance in ≥ 1 domain was reported in almost all participants (192 [92.8%]), and 61 participants (29.5%) had high trauma exposure. According to findings, disturbances in sleep, mobility, nutrition, and mood were common among medical inpatients. Such trauma of hospitalization may relate to a greater risk of 30-day readmission or emergency department visit after hospital discharge.

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