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5 risk factors associated with suicidal ideations after stroke

Annals of General Psychiatry Jun 09, 2022

Why this study matters

By definition, PSS, a known complication of stroke, includes suicidal ideations, non-lethal suicide attempts, and death-associated suicidal behaviors. An understanding of the risk factors for PSS will allow healthcare providers to implement preventive and support measures.

Study design

A meta-analysis was conducted involving 12 studies (n=2,693,036 stroke patients) reporting risk factors for PSS.

Results and conclusion

Approximately 12% of stroke patients have suicidal ideations. Risk factors for suicidal ideations include gender, cigarette smoking, depression, sleep disorders, low household income, heart disease, and a prior stroke. Depression was a significant risk factor for suicide, and independent of time elapsed since the stroke occurred.

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