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Outcomes and complications after intervention for post-radiation prostatic urethral stenosis

Urology Feb 04, 2020

Smith SM, et al. - A retrospective chart review was performed to report on treatment outcomes after surgical intervention for post-radiation prostatic urethral stenosis. Twenty-two individuals were distinguished at the institution between July 2014 and June 2018 with the ICD-10 code N42.89 for prostatic urethral stenosis. A total of 16 individuals were enrolled in the final analysis with an average follow up of 2.6 years (range 3 months to 6.8 years). Seventy-four years (range 63-84) was the average age of the individual. For prostate cancer, it was reported that prostatic urethral stenosis is a rare complication occurring after radiotherapy. While urethroplasty can be feasibly conducted in individuals with short prostatic apical strictures, endoscopic management can be successful in stabilizing individuals.
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