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Evaluation of health-related quality of life and affecting factors in child with enuresis

Journal of Pediatric Urology Jan 13, 2020

Iscan B, et al. - Researchers sought to assess the Quality of Life (HRQoL) in Turkish children with enuresis and also intended to examine the affect of independent sociodemograpic and clinical variables on HRQoL in children with enuresis. They enrolled 110 children with enuresis and their mothers and 120 healthy children and their mothers and utilized the German Quality of Life Questionnaire (KINDL®) to evaluate the children’s HRQoL. The total HRQoL score for the children with enuresis group and for the children in the control group were 63.14±21.98, 75.6±10.1, respectively. The HRQoL subscale scores revealed that children with enuresis had lower in contrast with the control group for the emotional well-being scores (64.23±14.2 vs 78.9±11.4), self-esteem score (62.23±11 vs 68.6±17.4), family relationship score (76.23±2 vs 83.4±12.2), and friendship score (62.4±13.2 vs 68.8±15.3). In comparison with non-treated children (65.96±12.1 vs 55.27±10.1), the total HRQoL score was more leading in treated children with enuresis. It was found that for low HRQoL, low-income children with enuresis, non-treated enuretic children, and the presence of lower urinary tract symptoms should be considered as a risk group.
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