Patterns of sun safety behaviors in parents: Associations with physical activity, sedentary behavior, and access to neighborhood physical activity resources

Preventive Medicine Jan 10, 2020

Gilchrist JD, et al. - Researchers examined the links between physical activity behaviors, access to neighborhood physical activity resources, and sunburn across diverse patterning of sun safety behaviors in this cross-sectional study utilizing data obtained in 2014 from parents in the United States (N = 1,680; 75% female, principally between the ages of 35–44 and 45–59, and 67% White). An increased possibility of sunburn was observed in relation to moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and neighborhood environments favoring physical activity. A higher probability of sunburn was perceived in relation to greater engagement in physical activity and access to built environments that favor activity; this was noted irrespective of sun safety behaviors. Findings imply that proneness to develop melanoma exists in physically active parents, and cancer prevention attempts centered on physical activity should also address sun safety.
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