Low-value proton pump inhibitor prescriptions among older adults at a large academic health system

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society Dec 13, 2019

Mafi JN, May FP, Kahn KL, et al. - Given that proton pump inhibitor (PPI)-related complications especially tend to happen in older adults, therefore, with a goal to inform quality improvement intervention, researchers characterized the prevalence of potentially low-value PPI prescriptions among older adults by analyzing a cohort of 399 patients, aged 65 years or older, currently prescribed PPIs, and comprising 63.9% female. The mean age of the study sample was 76.2 years. Findings revealed that a PPI was prescribed to one in eight older adults, and over one-third of prescriptions were potentially low-value. Most often, the absence of long-term indications was identified as the reason for appropriate short-term prescriptions becoming potentially low value. They noted that most potentially low-value prescribing was concentrated in a small subset of primary care physicians, the implementation of interventions targeting them and/or applying electronic health record-based automatic stopping rules may protect older adults from harm.
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