Are symptoms of insomnia in primary care associated with subsequent onset of dementia? A matched retrospective case-control study

Aging and Mental Health Dec 11, 2019

Hoile R, et al. - In a case-control study using data from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink—which included 15,209 people with dementia (either Alzheimer, vascular, mixed or non-specific subtypes) aged ≥ 65 years at the time of diagnosis who were matched with the same number of controls on the year of birth and sex—experts examined the relationship between dementia diagnosis and recording of insomnia symptoms 5–10 years earlier in primary care. In those with history of insomnia, the adjusted OR for dementia was 1.34. Overall, the investigators noted a relationship between dementia and prior insomnia, suggesting that insomnia may be a predictive tool for dementia.

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