The safety and short-term outcomes of leukocyte depleted autologous transfusions during radical cystectomy

Urology Nov 29, 2019

Myrga JM, Ayyash OM, Bandari J, et al. - One hundred and fifty-seven individuals, 87 of whom received a cell salvage transfusion, were retrospectively distinguished from chart review in order to investigate long- and short-term outcomes using cell salvage with a commercially accessible leukocyte depletion filter after radical cystectomy in an oncologic population. No important variations in short-term or long-term patient outcomes between those who did and did not receive an intraoperative cell salvage transfusion were discovered. Moreover, whilst controlling for the theoretical risk of metastatic spread, to decrease the requirement for allogeneic blood transfusions, cell salvage transfusions with a leukocyte depletion filter are safe and efficient methods.
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