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The clinical impact of family history of cancer in female never-smoker lung adenocarcinoma

Lung Cancer Oct 01, 2019

Lee Y, Jeon JH, Goh SH, et al. - Given a link between the risk of never-smoker lung cancer and family history of cancer, researchers investigated the clinicogenomic influence of family history of cancer in never-smoker lung cancer. They performed screening in 3,241 lung cancer patients who underwent curative resection between 2001–2014 and had been interrogated regarding family/smoking history at the time of diagnosis. This study included 604 female never smoker lung adenocarcinoma. A self-reported history of cancer in first-degree relatives was accepted as the definition of a positive family history of cancer [classified as pulmonary cancer (FH-PC) or non-pulmonary cancer (FH-NPC)]. An increased risk of recurrence and death was observed in patients with the FH-NPC. In contrast, no prognostic impact of FH-PC on recurrence and death was noted. A significant link of EGFR mutation with the FH-PC, and of ALK/ROS1/RET fusions with the FH-NPC was identified. KRAS mutation was not related to any type of the FH. Overall, findings revealed the association of the type of family history of cancer with distinct clinocogenomic subtypes and prognosis of never-smoker lung adenocarcinoma.
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