Low-value prostate cancer screening among older men within the Veterans Health Administration

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society Sep 19, 2019

Radomski TR, Huang Y, Park SY, et al. - Using retrospective cohort design and Veterans Health Administration (VA) data (2014 to 2015) from 214,480 male veterans, aged 75 years or older, researchers quantified the prevalence as well as the variation of low-value prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening across the VA, which has instituted programs to attenuate low-value care. In men aged 75 years or older without a history of prostate cancer, they defined PSA screening as low value, by established definitions in Medicare. They computed screening rates overall and by VA Medical Center (VAMC), adjusting for patient and VAMC-level factors. Findings revealed the receipt of low-value PSA screening by more than one in six older veterans studied in this national cohort, with greater than 10-fold variation across VAMCs. Those with the greatest mortality risk exhibited high rates of screening.
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