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Relationship between alterations of urinary microbiota and cultured negative lower urinary tract symptoms in female type 2 diabetes patients

BMC Urology Aug 30, 2019

Chen J, Zhao J, Cao Y, et al. - Female (n = 32) T2D patients and controls (n = 26) were enrolled and asked to finish the American Urological Association Symptom Index by the experts in order to investigate changes in the urinary microbiota of cultured negative lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) (cn-LUTS) in T2D patients. No important variations in alpha diversity were noted between patients and controls. Nonetheless, statistically diminished richness and reduced species diversity were exhibited in the moderate-to-severe LUTS group and high Hemoglobin A1c group, respectively. A notable variation of beta diversity was observed between T2D patients and controls and T2D patients with various severity of cn-LUTS as well as the distinctive level of Hemoglobin A1c. Linear discriminant analysis effect size exhibited that ten genera were raised and seven genera were reducing in T2D patients, three genera were increased and 16 genera were diminished in moderate-to-severe LUTS group, two genera were over-represented and ten genera were under-represented in high Hemoglobin A1c group. Lastly, Hemoglobin A1c was seen positively associated with the total score of the American Urological Association Symptom Index. Therefore, in female T2D patients, urinary dysbiosis may be associated with cn-LUTS. In female T2D patients, in the development and progression of cn-LUTS, a better understanding of urinary microbiota was required. The severity of cn-LUTS was related to hyperglycemia and chronic hyperglycemia might cause or promote cn-LUTS by impacting urinary microbiota.
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