Association of lifestyle and genetic risk with incidence of dementia

JAMA Jul 18, 2019

Lourida I, et al. - Through a retrospective cohort study with 196,383 subjects of European ancestry aged at least 60 years without dementia at baseline, researchers examined whether a healthy lifestyle was correlated with a lower risk of dementia, despite the genetic risk. There were 196,383 participants involved in the review after excluding individuals younger than 60 years, without genetic information, and with prevalent dementia. Overall, 68.1%, 23.6% and 8.2% of individuals followed a favorable lifestyle, an intermediate lifestyle, and an unfavorable lifestyle, respectively. High polygenic risk scores, intermediate risk scores, and low-risk scores were observed in 20%, 60% and 20% of the individuals. In comparison with 0.63% of the participants with low genetic risk, 1.23% of the participants with great genetic risk developed dementia. In contrast to 0.56% of subjects with low genetic risk and favorable lifestyle, 1.78% of the people with great genetic risk and unfavorable lifestyles developed dementia. No meaningful interaction among genetic risk and lifestyle factors could be discovered. About 1.13% of subjects with great genetic risk with a favorable lifestyle developed dementia when contrasted with 1.78% with an unfavorable lifestyle. Both an unfavorable lifestyle and high genetic risk significantly correlated with greater dementia risk in older adults without cognitive impairment or dementia. Among subjects with high genetic risk, a favorable lifestyle was correlated with lower dementia risk.

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