Risk factors for mortality in patients with diabetic foot infections: A prospective cohort study

Internal Medicine Journal Jul 18, 2019

Lynar SA, et al. - Through a prospective cohort study of inpatients with diabetic foot infections (DFI) between May 2012 and October 2016 conducted at Royal Darwin Hospital, experts examined the risk of mortality and related factors in patients with DFI in an Australian context. They included 413 consecutive adult diabetic subjects with 737 admissions who were referred to the High-Risk Foot Service for DFI. On univariable analysis, while indigenous status and HbA1c > 7% were protective against mortality, it correlated with older age, hemodialysis, isolation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and ischemic heart disease. Hemodialysis and older age were determined to be independent risk factors for mortality after adjusting for confounders. The cumulative risk of mortality of subjects on hemodialysis was 24.5% at 1-year. A high risk of mortality correlated with DFI, and it was substantially higher in subjects who underwent hemodialysis, reflecting the significance of early and dedicated interventions targeted at this high-risk group.

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