High-intensity statins are associated with increased incidence of hypoglycemia during hospitalization of individuals not critically ill

American Journal of Medicine Jul 18, 2019

Khanimov I, et al. - Through a retrospective study of 31,094 adults discharged between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2013 from internal medicine units at the Wolfson Medical Center, experts analyzed those who were not critically ill for the correlation between statin use and incidence of hypoglycemia. Patients were allotted to four groups, on the basis of diabetes mellitus status (yes or no) and serum albumin <3.5 g/dL (yes or no) on admission. Administration of high-intensity statins was correlated with an elevated incidence of hypoglycemic events in patients with low admission serum albumin vs those who were not treated with statins; treatment with low-intensity statins correlated with less hypoglycemic events. No correlation was discovered between incident hypoglycemia and statin intensity amongst those with normal serum albumin. These findings were significant irrespective of diabetes mellitus status. Statin treatment, in general, was correlated with a decreased incidence of hypoglycemia, but the use of high-intensity statins was correlated with a higher risk of hypoglycemic events in those with low serum albumin upon admission.

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