Cognitive function in dementia-free subjects and survival in old age: The PROSPER study

American Journal of Medicine Jul 18, 2019

Rostamian S, et al. - Five hundred and forty-seven dementia-free patients were recruited from the nested magnetic resonance imaging sub-study of the PROspective Study of Pravastatin in the Elderly at Risk to examine the role of structural brain abnormalities in correlation with executive function and memory with the risk of long-term mortality in dementia-free older adults. Reduced performance in executive function was found to be correlated with a bigger risk of all-cause, cardiovascular, and noncardiovascular mortality, as did worse performance in memory tests. In individuals with different levels of brain structural abnormalities and cerebral blood flow, the associations were comparable. Worse performance in both executive function and memory tests was related to all-cause, cardiovascular, and noncardiovascular mortality in elderly people, and this relationship was independent of cardiovascular risk factors and diseases, brain structural abnormalities, and cerebral blood flow.

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