Anxiety sensitivity as a risk indicator for anxiety, depression, and headache severity in women with migraine

Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain Jul 14, 2019

Farris SG, et al. - Among 100 women who screened positive for migraine on the validated IDMigraine Screener, researchers examined the link between anxiety sensitivity and emotional disorders, migraine features, and migraine-associated fear and avoidance behaviors in this cross-sectional study. Findings revealed clinically elevated anxiety sensitivity, on average. The observed correlation of anxiety sensitivity cognitive and social concerns, with severity of anxiety and depressive symptoms was the strongest. All anxiety sensitivity facets were found to be associated with fear of head pain. In women, the association of anxiety sensitivity, particularly fearful appraisal of bodily sensations, with both psychiatric symptoms and migraine severity, was indicated by these novel revelations. Causal sequence could not be determined. Better headache outcomes could be achieved by targeting anxiety sensitivity if anxiety sensitivity results in more severe pain and psychiatric distress, according to the researchers.

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