Government policy interventions to reduce human antimicrobial use: A systematic review and evidence map

PLoS Medicine Jul 11, 2019

Van Katwyk SR, et al. - Via a systematic review and evidence map, researchers wanted to help governments in making decisions about programs that can lower antimicrobial resistance, by assessing the full range of evaluated government policy options to reduce human antimicrobial use. It is the first study to give policy makers evidence on specific government interventions addressing antimicrobial resistance. According to findings, governments have an assortment of policy options available to address the increasing threat of antimicrobial resistance. However, the majority of existing policy options have not been thoroughly assessed, limiting their utility in planning future interventions. Governments should ensure that future policy interventions on antimicrobial resistance are evaluated using rigorous study designs and that the results of the study are published to avoid the waste of public resources.

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