Factors associated with initial mode of breast cancer detection among Black women in the Women’s Circle of Health Study

Journal of Oncology Jul 10, 2019

Szukis HA, et al. - Given a better prognosis is seen in breast cancers detected by mammogram vs those detected via clinical breast exam (CBE) or through self-detection, researchers used multivariable logistic regression models to assess factors related to CBE and self-detection vs screening mammogram as the initial mode of breast cancer detection among Black women (n=1,322, aged 40-75 years) diagnosed with breast cancer between 2002 and 2016. Findings revealed an independent association of the odds of CBE and self-detection as initial modes of breast cancer detection among Black women, with breast care and breast cancer screening services prior to diagnosis as well as with larger tumors at diagnosis. History of routine screening mammogram and performance of breast self-examination (BSE) before diagnosis were found to be related to lower odds of CBE as the initial mode of detection than screening mammogram, while performance of CBEs before diagnosis was found to be positively related. Compared to screening mammogram, increased odds of self-detection were reported in relation to lower body mass index, performance of BSEs before diagnosis, and larger tumor size.
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