Leisure-time cross-country skiing is associated with lower incidence of hypertension: A prospective cohort study

Journal of Hypertension Jul 03, 2019

Kunutsor SK, et al. - In a sample representative of the general population, researchers evaluated the relationships of leisure time cross-country skiing habits with incident hypertension. Using a 12-month physical activity questionnaire in the Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease prospective study—which included 1,809 middle-aged men without hypertension—the frequency, average duration, and intensity of leisure cross-country skiing were evaluated at baseline. During a median (interquartile range) follow-up of 24.7 (18.1–26.8) years, new-onset diagnosis of hypertension was noted among 279 candidates. Cross-country skiing habits were linked to a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes. In a white male population, total volume and duration of leisure time cross-country skiing are each continuously, inversely, and independently related to future risk of hypertension, according to findings.

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