Sustaining pneumococcal vaccination after transitioning from Gavi support: A modelling and cost-effectiveness study in Kenya

The Lancet Global Health Apr 19, 2019

Ojal J, et al. - In this modelling and cost-effectiveness study, researchers estimated the cost-effectiveness of continuing pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) using Gavi's schedule of vaccine prices, reaching a peak of $3.05 per dose in 2027, when Kenya becomes fully self-financing. To sustain its health gains, continued use of PCV is essential. Based on the $1,445 per capita Kenyan gross domestic product—and compared with other vaccines—continued use of PCV at full cost is cost-effective (based on the assumption that any reduction in disease will result in a reduction in mortality). While affordability is likely to be a concern, findings supported vaccine budget expansion in Kenya. The investigators predicted that $153 in 2032 would be the incremental cost per disability-adjusted life-year averted from continuing PCV.

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