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Semen analysis in adolescents with familial Mediterranean fever

Journal of Pediatric Urology Apr 11, 2019

Aksoy GK, et al. - Authors retrospectively investigated the male adolescents of age more than 14 years to study, the incidence of sperm abnormalities of adolescent boys with familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) and also to examine the impact of disease activity or colchicine treatment on sperm parameters. They noted the mean sperm concentration, 66.26±41.02 million/ml (N>15 million/ml); the mean total sperm count 113.42±132.39 million (N>39 million) and the mean sperm motility 51.78±23.70% (N>40%). They recorded normal sperm parameters in 42.1% of subjects. They found They reported high levels of ESR at the time of diagnosis in low sperm counts cases vs those with normal sperm counts (56.00±8.51 vs 24.35±6.32). They reported a higher level of mean colchicine dose at the time of sperm analysis in cases with low sperm motility as compared with normal sperm motility (1.72±0.18 vs 1.25 ±0.08). They concluded frequent sperm abnormalities in male cases with FMF, with its link to both inflammations due to uncontrolled disease and colchicine therapy.
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