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Doctors’ Lifestyle, Work and Motivation survey – Part 1

M3 India Newsdesk May 03, 2017

We recently conducted an online survey of Indian doctors to understand how satisfied and happy they feel professionally. This was driven by several recent stories that point to mounting evidence that cases of burn-out and stress among doctors are on the rise. Recent attacks on doctors has highlighted the straining relationship between patients and doctors, with safety at work becoming an additional cause of stress.




To explore how doctors feel about their profession, their levels of happiness and reasons for dissatisfaction, if any.



A total of 226 respondents filled out an online questionnaire. All the participants were reached by the internet based channels, primarily via email and social media.


Key conclusions from data

  • Professional stress notwithstanding, medicine remains a largely satisfying profession with 67% doctors reporting they are happy with work while 25% reported being unhappy
  • Doctors who reported being unhappy at work also reported seeing more patients on average per day than what they consider ideal vs. happy Doctors
  • Top 3 factors leading to stress, as voted by Doctors are: (1) Poor compensation/income (2) Feeling of a lack of safety at workplace and (3) Lack of professional fulfillment. However, a much higher percentage of doctors [70%] who are unhappy reported lack of professional fulfillment as a key contributing factor causing stress visa vis happy doctors [30% rated this as a key factor]
  • Spending time with family and friends was reported as the most favored de-stressing activity besides work


Demographic profile of participants




We have presented the data and facts as they are without generalizing the results as a reflection of the views of entire Indian doctors population. The demographic profile of the survey participants [shown above] may differ from the population of all Indian Doctors. Also, limiting the sample to the Internet channel only may introduce bias in the results. We have also shown correlation between different factors and state of happiness or unhappiness, which should not be interpreted as implying cause and effect.


Explore the findings of the survey in more detail at:



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