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Celebrating doctors : Best wishes from M3 India

M3 India Newsdesk Jul 03, 2022

Doctors have been hailed as healers across centuries and civilisations and hence we would like to celebrate your contributions and hardwork to date. Here we present an article to express our gratitude for all your contributions towards society.

Doctors: The real-life heroes

When a child speaks of becoming a doctor, he says it believing that a doctor serves society by curing patients and saving lives. Your commitment to serve patients with devotion and determination only strengthens this belief, which that child, any adult and a patient have within. So for all that and a few more reasons, dear doctor, we present this article to celebrate you and express the gratitude in our hearts.

Although, the last few years showed us that they could be ‘warriors’, too, fighting with ‘time’ throughout the pandemic, while dealing with unprecedented struggles of their own.

Doctor’s day in India is celebrated in the memory of the renowned physician and Bharat Ratna awardee Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. A man of principles, Dr Roy was always clear of his purpose to serve society and his ideals as a physician inspire medical students and doctors, alike. The 1st of July is also Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy’s birthdate, which is celebrated as a reminder to us about the service of doctors to society.

Our reasons to celebrate doctors like you

Here are a few reasons why we celebrate your day:

1. Responsibility: Lakhs of students aspire to become doctors each year, despite the known hardships. But once a student becomes a doctor, he or she doesn’t make a big deal about his intention of serving patients. The service aspect of the profession becomes implied by your actions, availability and empathy. We, as a society, may call the profession noble and respected, but the purpose of your life is beyond these adjectives.

2. Purpose:  If curing a patient or saving a life defined your life’s purpose, with so many patients at different phases of diseases or improvements, there would be so much you would have to give of yourself to this purpose! And we can only imagine how difficult and stressful it could be to be responsible for a body, a life! But doctor, you never show what you are going through. Perhaps your resolve to cure the patient is stronger than his disease. We applaud you for that!

3. Empathy: You are somehow calm and composed even during stressful times. You may think, this is all a part of life or maybe smiling acknowledging your struggle for once, but let us tell you why we think this is our reason no 3. Your knowledge brings you faith and confidence and this shows on your face. Your empathetic words to families of patients only resound the ‘hope’ they seek and re-instil the faith they have in a higher power. You are ‘hope’ and ‘optimism’ personified, dear doctor.

4. Selflessness: We cannot possibly know how selfless and giving doctors can be! You work odd and long hours to attend to patients so that they return home cured to their families. We, commoners, can only see it when one of our loved ones is attended to with such great care and devotion and is cured. At such times, fees cannot express our gratitude towards you, so we try to say it with flowers and ‘thank you’ cards and you showcase them like your awards. We salute your altruism and humility!

5. Risking your lives: You face high health risks to save a hundred or thousand others in times of plagues, wars, viral outbreaks, and even volunteer for outreach programs in rural areas or poor nations. As humans, we cannot see any incentive good enough for someone to serve amidst unfavourable conditions and face unknown risks. And yet, your purpose becomes bigger than any incentive, any risk! Our society won’t be able to forget your contribution to the fight against COVID-19 for a very long time.

Words of wisdom from our KOLs

Your profession is so much more than a job and it entails more hardships than comfort. Yet, doctors continue practising for years, serving society, one way or the other, inspiring us all. On the occasion of Doctor's day, some of our senior doctors have shared their quotes in all their modesty and we know these words will influence and motivate generations of doctors and healthcare professionals.


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