M3 India Quiz: Top scorers in September

M3 India newsdesk Oct 11, 2018

Dear Doctor,

As you may be aware, we released a new version of quiz on the M3 India website in September. The new quiz has 3 main features.

  • Icon 01Quick 30 sec/quiz based on published research
  • Icon 02Choose a quiz category of your interest
  • Icon 03Compete to win recognition and activity points

Today, we introduce the top rankers of quiz in September.

Family icon 1536668059General medicine, Family medicine

Winners of Sep, 2018 Badges
Gold iconDr. Shubhangi Jain 11
Silver iconDr. Sambit Banerjee 10
Silver iconDr. Sujay Shanker 10

Cardiology icon 1536668245...

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