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M3 India Newsdesk Aug 23, 2018

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M3 India's mission has been to bring practice relevant information to Indian Doctors which they can employ in their daily lives, while minimizing the time and effort they need to spend to access this information. To further add to this experience, we have recently launched the MDclip mobile application aimed at innovating how Doctors read!










Additionally, we have now launched the MDclip Pioneers program which will run until 30th September. Read on to see how one can participate to learn and earn M3 India activity points!

Why should one use MDclip?

Most Doctors today have limited time to read and update themselves. Added with the frenetic pace of information growth, it is a daunting task to stay on top and updated. MDclip solves that problem by highlighting the most relevant and trending topics, so you do not miss out on crucial information. Expert users, who are senior Doctors, Medico-legal experts etc., share the trending news along with their opinion.

Experts using MDclip

We already have a distinguished set of Experts who are already using MDclip. These Experts are Senior Doctors and Experts in fields such as Medical law/Ethics, Healthcare Business and Technology who are highly accomplished in their respective areas. We will continue to keep adding new Experts as we grow the platform.

More exciting news, members whose opinions are most useful and applauded by other users on the Application, will also be upgraded to Experts! The objective of MDclip is not just for doctors to gather useful insights but also help them transform into thought leaders in the medical community. Doctors can add opinions to articles that they are reading to build a following in no time!

MDclip Pioneers program- Earn M3 India activity points with MDclip

Doctors can now join the MDclip pioneers’ program and earn additional M3 India activity points until 30th September 2018! Here is what needs to be done to earn points:

Activities that earn points:

  • Logging in into MDclip: Helps earn 10 points daily in addition to points one earns on M3 India. So, doctors accessing both platforms can get 20 points daily!
  • Adding opinions to discussion articles: Helps earn 25 activity points for every opinion that gets published. Only opinions that add value to discussions will get published. All opinions are moderated and need to follow publishing guidelines on MDclip.

The points will be awarded within 2 days of the point activity, and will reflect in the points statement on your M3 India account.

* Points for opinions will only be awarded after it will be published. Here is the process.
Submit opinion → M3 India review process → Publish opinion → Point awarded (within 2 days)

To start using the application, simply download from iOS play store or Android Google play. MDclip can be operated by using an existing profile on M3 India, without the need to create a new profile.

Start using the app now to earn and learn with peers!

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