Effect of surgeon and hospital volume on emergency general surgery outcomes

Journal of the American College of Surgeons Aug 26, 2017

Mehta A et al. – This study evaluated the association between surgeon and hospital volume on outcomes of emergency general surgeries (EGS). The conclusions drawn were surgeon EGS–volume was associated with outcomes and this could be improved by developing EGS–specific services, mentorship opportunities, and clinical pathways for less–experienced surgeons.


  • Nontrauma EGS procedures performed by general surgeons were identified, stratified EGS procedures into simple (mortality ≤0.5%) and complex (>0.5%) procedures, and assessed postoperative mortality, complications, and 30–day readmissions.


  • The results indicated that 61.5% of simple EGS and 38.5% of complex EGS were identified by 73.3% of low–volume surgeons, 18.3% of medium–volume surgeons, and 8.4% of high–volume surgeons.
  • For simple or complex procedures, the low–volume hospitals relative to high–volume hospitals were not associated with mortality, complications, or 30–day readmissions.

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