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Although the FDA has measures in place to mitigate safety risks and reduce the off-label promotion of drugs, public health emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic can put pressure on the agency to hasten the approval process and relax advertising standards.
Jun 06, 2020
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The Andhra Pradesh High Court on June 5 granted permission to suspended government doctor Sudhakar Rao to leave the Government Hospital for Mental Health, where he was admitted on May 16 after the police allegedly manhandled him for creating nuisance on a city road.
Jun 06, 2020
A doctor took out a mobile charger cord from the urinary bladder of a 30-year-old man despite the man "misleading" the surgeon into operating on his stomach.
Jun 06, 2020
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A 22-year-old man, who was admitted to AIIMS for treatment of cancer, allegedly committed suicide on June 5 by hanging himself from the grill of a staircase, police said.
Jun 06, 2020
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The principal of GSVM Medical College Dr Arti Dave Lalchandani, who is in the midst of a controversy over her alleged comments against the Tablighi Jamaat, has complained to the police saying the video was made viral with the intention of spreading hatred and disturbing peace.
Jun 06, 2020
Dr. MC Gupta clarifies as to whether the government can coerce private practitioners to step in and attend to COVID-19 patients and if so, what the doctor can do before he accepts the task.
Jun 02, 2020
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Dr. V Mohan writes about the old oral anti-diabetic drugs like sulphonylureas and biguanides, their advantages and disadvantages in practice, and the recent drugs that he considers to be as good anti-diabetic therapies for Indian patients.
Jun 04, 2020

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