CM assured action against accused but Health Minister surrendered personal security in Tripura

UNI Apr 15, 2019

Tripura Chief Minister has said that strictest action would be taken against anyone who takes the law into their own hands in Tripura and if any act of negligence has been undertaken by the medical professionals, necessary action would surely be taken against them.

Mr Deb has already assured security arrangement in two important hospitals of Tripura. Sudip Roy Barman, Health Minister of Tripura has written a letter to Chief Minister and he has mentioned that the government and other staff have been feeling highly insecure working at various government hospitals which is sending a negative signal in the minds of fresh graduates in the coming days.

“I am completely shocked to observe that no arrest of hooligans involved in various incidents of crime with in hospital complex have been made till date. Unfortunately, the culprits responsible for these criminal acts related to Srinagar CHC, Sabroom have been roaming scot free. The moral of doctors’ fraternity now a day after this incident has gone down. I being the head of the family have completely failed in protecting them from these shameful deeds”, wrote Sudip Roy Barman.

The Minister Sudip Roy Barman has decided to surrender his escort as long as adequate police security in IGM and other District Hospitals is provided and is strengthened in G.B Hospital round the clock.

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