Lymphopenia and risk of infection and infection-related death in 98,344 individuals from a prospective Danish population-based study

PLoS Medicine Dec 06, 2018

Warny M, et al. - In this investigation involving 98,344 Danish people from the general population, researchers assessed whether lymphopenia is associated with an increased risk of infection and infection-related death. All persons included responded to a lifestyle and health questionnaire, had a physical examination, and had blood samples taken at the time of the examination. The investigators found that lymphopenia was correlated with increased risk of hospitalization due to any infection, pneumonia, skin infection, urinary tract infection, sepsis, diarrheal disease, endocarditis, and other infections after adjusting for potential explanatory factors including blood neutrophil count. In addition, lymphopenia was related to a 1.7-fold increased risk of infection-related death. The investigators cautioned, however, that their findings could not address questions of causality.

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