Progression of erectile function in men with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A cohort study

BMC Pulmonary Medicine Sep 05, 2019

Oh EG, et al. - In order to identify latent groups and influencing factors, researchers examined longitudinal changes in the erectile function of men with COPD, a progressive disorder characterized by limited airflow that is not fully reversible and accompanied by chronic airway and lung inflammation. The study sample consisted of 185 men with COPD from the Korean Obstructive Lung Disease cohort. According to findings, the men with COPD included in this study showed a slight improvement over the first year in the total mean erectile function score, but this score tended to gradually deteriorate over time. Four distinct latent groups [“consistently maintained normal erectile function”, “rapidly worsened and then rapidly improved”, “gradually improved in the early stage and then gradually worsened”, and “consistently maintained poor erectile function”] were identified based on individual changes in erectile function over time. Older age, lower economic status, and poorer subjective health status have been identified as factors affecting the progression of erectile function in men with COPD. This indicates that extensive patient care involving COPD management as well as erectile dysfunction is essential from a prophylactic view in patients with chronic respiratory disease and should be created according to the features of the disease process.
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