Awareness of limited joint mobility in type 2 diabetes in general practice in the Netherlands: An online questionnaire survey

BMC Family Practice Jul 16, 2019

Alabdali LAS, et al. - Via an online survey in the Netherlands, researchers interviewed general practitioners (GPs; n=390) and nurse practitioners (NPs; n=245) from three diabetes care groups in order to assess the awareness of Dutch GPs regarding limited joint mobility (LJM). They also assessed the modern management practice and views concerning the question of who should screen for LJM if this is done in the near future. Findings revealed unawareness among most GPs regarding LJM being a diabetes mellitus complication, with an unawareness for specific upper extremity disorders ranging from 59 to 73%. There was no awareness among 76% of the NPs. For patients with diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome, optimal treatment would only be recommended by only 41% of GPs. Screening for LJM during the regular diabetes check-up was supported by only 25% of the GPs vs 63% of the NPs.

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